When it comes to driving a car wherever you are ? Japanese cars happen to be amongst the top choices for folks and those who love the Japanese creativity in technology. We have the best of such super cars that are used Japanese cars and are as good as new and yet also much more affordable when compared to their other match in the marketplace. We provide this platform hosting the best of Japanese used cars and if you desire cars for sale in Japan ? you can have them in any brand and model delivered to you with peace of mind and speed. You will definitely find all Japanese car brands that will suit your personal modes and also for your family settings. Japan is reputable for having impacted greatly the automotive industry of the world with lots of great, fast, high quality and amazing top cars. Japanese cars are rooted within the Japanese culture, history and aspirations and beginning from the 1960s the brands took over the world marketplace and since then it has never slacked in making folks happy with its latest entries into the market. Japanese car manufacturers built the world’s best automobiles hinging upon well-known European models. These techies didn’t want to produce anything common and anything already in the market, and hence have brought in only the most innovative of vehicles that have totally reversed the performance of the Japanese brands in the market. Japanese automobiles have surpassed most of the major car producing nations such as Germany, Italy and the US and with popular Japanese brand as Toyota, even other brands like BMW, Ford, Mercedes Benz, etc. can’t near the competition. With all of this integrity accorded to the Japanese automobile industry ? we offer on this platform the best of Japanese used vehicles for sale, and we are also the most trusted Japan car export provider. We are the best second hand car dealers in the region and we welcome you to enjoy life with the best of affordable used Japanese cars today.

About Us

PACIFIC BOEKI Japan carries one of the largest new & used japanese cars database in the Japan.We are update our Stock List & Others Resolution daily. With the new & used cars reviews, the option to search and the quotes thousands of new & used cars to by online, this site makes buying new & used cars on easy process.


  1. Our main concern export to the foreign countries.
  2. The number of the month exportation stands accounts for an average of 200.
  3. We export anywhere in the world.
  4. Member of all Japanese Dealer Association.
  5. Member of all Japanese Auto Auctions.
  6. Language experts Japanese, English

PACIFIC BOEKI Japan is the one of the leading New and Used cars exporters.We are dealing in RHD cars (Right Hand Drive cars) and LHD cars (Left Hand Drive Cars). We pride ourselves for the excellence of the service and customer satisfaction.

You can buy New and Used Cars from our website by Ordering as Order list. If you decide to buy a cars from our website you can either pick it up from one of our yards or we can arrange a shipment of your purchased car either on a board of a special ship or in a container. Please refer to E-Mail us for additional details. We can assist you with your auction needs for both New and Used Cars. With our extensive experience with buying from the auction.we will assure that you can get the best deal for your money. Thank you and we hope you will find what you are looking for in our stock list.
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